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Did you know?

Over 150 plastic bottles litter each mile of UK beaches

The Youth in Nature Project (YiN) are a non-profit organisation who are part of the Our Bright Future initiative. They give young people aged 11-24 the opportunity to be involved with wildlife and the natural environment within their local communities. They also support these young people in gaining new skills in order to increase their employability options.

The Youth in Nature Project have been working with the University of Hull on the plastic citizen project which is based around single-use plastics. This involved the young people working with a local arts and film-making company My Pockets in which they created a film about tackling the use of single-use plastic. The young people  also created a rap to go along with the film as the main aim of this film was to educate others about the effects of single-use plastic and also to inform and encourage people  re-use, recycle, reduce and re-purpose single
use plastics. 


















The project also allowed the young people to create this website which includes some facts and figures on single use plastic and  a number resources which can be used within a school setting.   



In this section you will find facts and figures about plastics.



In this section you will find a range of resources to help further your knowledge on plastics



Here you can learn about each member of the team who worked on the single-use plastic project

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